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Child Support Enforcement

Help!  The Other Parent Refuses to Pay Child Support

Collecting child support from the other parent can sometimes be difficult.  Once an order for child support is established, questions or issues may arise concerning the enforcement of that Order. That is, collection of the actual money.  Collection of child support is a common problem that many custodial parents must face. The district attorney's office can assist with the collection of child support. Or, you can utilize the services of a private attorney. In Nevada, in addition to any past due sums of support that have accrued, the custodial parent is entitled to recover interest on arrears, plus a statutory penalty of 10%. When establishing the amount of arrears, the interest and penalties are calculated and added to the total amount owed. In Nevada, it is also mandatory that the Court award the custodial parent her or his reasonable attorney's fees incurred in collection. The availability of such remedies as interest, penalties, and attorney's fees are intended to assist with the collection of support and deter parents from ignoring their court ordered support obligations.  If you have a child support order and need help with enforcement and/or the collection of unpaid child support, give our office a call today at (702) 363-1072.   Greg has over 26 years experience helping parents collect unpaid child support.


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