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Contested Divorce

Obtaining a divorce can be difficult, especially when children and property are involved. Emotions play a part of any divorce. Disagreements can arise concerning how to split community property, how to handle custody of the children, what amount of child support or alimony, if any, should be paid, etc. All of these issues have to be worked out and agreed upon to complete the divorce.

If you are thinking about divorce, you may be wondering about your rights under Nevada law. You might be worried about your financial future, and/or what effect all of this will have on the rest of your family. You will want an attorney who is experienced and skilled at handling Nevada divorce cases and who can provide you with the support, compassion, and attention you need to get through the divorce process. 

Our firm can help. Greg focuses exclusively on family law and divorce cases in Las Vegas and Henderson, and he can provide the skilled and caring representation you need at this difficult time in your life.

When Spouses Fight Over Everything in the Divorce

A contested divorce is one that must be resolved in the courtroom, rather than through negotiation outside of court. Although our initial approach will be to work out a negotiated settlement that is in your best interests, there are certain situations where a case must be taken to court. Some of the disputed issues that must be addressed simply cannot be agreed upon without going to trial. You should feel secure that the lawyer you hire is competent in litigating contested divorce cases and can provide aggressive and zealous representation in court.

Making sure you have an attorney on your side to properly represent your interests is crucial if you are forced to go to Court. The right attorney can present the facts of your case in a way that utilizes the legal system in your favor in your contested divorce case.


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