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How Quickly Can I Get Divorced?

I Want To Be Divorced Quick!

Uncontested divorces can be accomplished from start to finish in a matter of days.  Yes, days!  It mostly depends on you and your spouse and how quickly you can come to an agreement and sign the paperwork.  Sometimes, the process can be a little delayed on the back end waiting for the Judge to sign the final paperwork.  But, our office can prepare all the paperwork in a matter of days and get the process started for you quickly.  We have even had situations where due to the circumstances, we have prepared the paperwork the very same day the client called.  Anything is possible.  Some lawfirms are too busy, to backlogged to guarantee that type of response time.  Not us.  You can speak with an attorney today by calling us at (702) 363-1072, and depending on your particular case, be divorced in no time at all.  There are no waiting periods in Nevada.  Once an agreement is reached between you and your spouse, the paperwork signed and filed, your divorce is final.  If you have questions, feel free to call Greg today.  He is always available and happy to answer your questions over the telephone.


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