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Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse are on amicable terms, and willing to reach an agreement regarding the terms of your divorce outside of the courtroom, you may be able to pursue an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce will save you time, money, and all of the hassle of a disputed court case.

Greg can provide experienced advice and guidance to clients wanting an uncontested divorce. There may be certain legal or tax issues that you have not considered. Greg can help guide you in negotiating a settlement -- and then handle the drafting all of the necessary paperwork that you will need to complete your case.

Yes, You Need An Attorney to Help With Your Divorce.

People ask me all the time:  Should I file the paperwork on my own?  The answer is NO.  First, the paperwork is complicated and requires an understanding of the law.  Over the years, I have received many calls from people who tried doing the paperwork on their own, only to get stuck or stalled because the process is too confusing, time consuming, etc.  I can streamline all this.  I prepare all the paperwork.  I file all the paperwork for you.  No court hearings or appearances.  You never see a Judge.  I take care of everything.

Some Mistakes in Your Divorce Paperwork Cannot Be Fixed.

I never recommend that clients try to file the paperwork themselves.  This is because once the paperwork is signed and filed, it can be very difficult (and in some instances) impossible to change.  So, if you make a mistake, you may be stuck with that mistake.  A perfect example is your division of property.  Once you file the paperwork regarding how to divide your property (like your house, retirement plans, or cars), it cannot be changed.  Period.  So, if you make a mistake, you might be stuck in a situation that ends up costing you money in the end. Don't let this happen to you.  If you live in the Las Vegas or Henderson area and need assistance with a divorce, please call Greg today for help with your uncontested divorce.  You can reach him at (702) 363-1072.  The call is free. 


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