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What to Tell the Kids When A Parent Files for Divorce.

Posted by Gregory Gordon | May 05, 2020 | 0 Comments

What should I tell my children about my divorce? How do I know what to discuss with them, and what not to tell them?

In Clark County, court rules prohibit any litigant involved in a divorce or child custody proceeding from bringing any child of the parties to the courthouse. Unless authorized in advance, do not bring children to court. Likewise, court rules prohibit anyone from discussing the issues or proceedings before the court with children. Do not discuss with the children what is going on in the case. Children should be shielded from the details of any legal dispute or controversy involving their parents. Also, court rules prohibit you from allowing children to view any of the court filings or papers, so do not leave any of your paperwork in a place where a child is likely to find them. It is your obligation to shield children from the proceedings.

Children may be aware of a pending divorce or child custody proceeding, and they may ask questions. Let them know how much that you love them, how much the opposing party loves them, and let them know that everything will work out.  Help them feel secure.  Children need to feel secure in their relationships with both parents, so don't let the case interfere with that in any way. If you feel that someone else involved in the case is violating any of these rules, contact your attorney or the Court immediately.

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